5 l M l Pug/Jack Russell/Shepherd l Owner Surrender l Medium Energy l Fetch Enthusist l Needs Space l Slow to Warm Up l Dog & Cat Social l Not Kid Friendly

Meet MILLER LITE! After being surrendered, this dude spent some time in rehab to work on his fearfulness. After a few months, some training and a LOT of fetch to break him out of his shell, he is ready for ADOPTION. He has adjusted very well to his foster home. He is patient and eager for your arrival and will greet you at the door with his ball and wagging tail. He is a 5 year old Pug/Jack Russell/Shepherd mix! He has medium energy and is obsessed with fetch. Like, obsessed. He would love to have space to chase a ball whether its at a nearby park or right in his own backyard. He likes the quieter neighbourhoods and may be made for a rural environment. He is potty trained, crate trained, heels like a champ and knows basic commands. He is fearful of strangers but now it takes him about 10 minutes to warm up versus the 2 weeks it took him when we first got him. He is dog and cat social. He likes space at times and wants to be able to warm up to you in a calm environment. He is not kid social. He needs gentle boundaries and guidance. He benefits from regular play time so get used to slobbery toys on your lap (where he continues to chew them). He is ready for a furever family, someone he can trust and that can continue his training. He is currently in Toronto. If you're interested in adoption, fill out an application!