This might not be the apartment/lap dog you anticipated but MADDY is still your perfect fit! She is a 5 year old Mastiff mix weighing in at about 100lbs. She has low-medium energy and although is quite large, requires little room due to her low activity level. She likes to lounge around just like you do and will still be the lapdog you always wanted if you let her (actually, she won't really give you a choice). She is happiest watching Netflix on the couch, sleeping in her crate or going for a short walk. She is dog, cat and kid social -- although sometimes does not know her size. She sometimes plays rough with other dogs, thinking she is a boss ass bitch, but is corrected easily. She knows her basic commands and is good with 'no', or going into her crate to chill out. She is sometimes nervous and puts a lot of trust in her owner. If you're scared, so is MADDY. She needs reassurance and a owner that can show confidence with her. She adjusts well to different situations and will go with whatever flow her owner puts out there. Although she is HUGE she is in no rush which is great for walking. She can be reactive to dogs (its all a front) that bark from a far but otherwise trots her way through any area of Toronto with ease. She's a suck and will let you sleep on top of her if you want to. If you're interested in meeting her, please fill out an application