1 l Dalmatian Mix l Dominican l Low Energy l 50lbs l Shy l Needs Basic Training/Socialization l Adaptable l Loving

This girl was found on the streets of Dominican along with COSITA. She had just recently given birth, she had an infected teat and was struggling to get enough nutrients to keep herself healthy, let alone her pups (One of her pups Rosalina was already adopted out). Our friend Hannah nursed her to health, we got her spayed and now she is here and ready to be rid of the street life! KUCA is approximately 1 year old and is a Dalmatian mix. She is settling in but a little skittish about life in Toronto. She is building confidence day by day but prefers letting people in who she knows/trusts. She is very gentle but just has a hard time feeling relaxed. She is opening up and her progress melts our heart. She is very chill and a couch potato because she just HAS to make up for a full year as a street dog. Low energy and a few short walks make her very content. She is also fine being left alone! She loves her new found affection with humans as other than after being in a rescue in Dominican, she didn't get treated like a Canadian version of a 'pet'. Therefore she will need to be taught basic commands but seems to be potty trained and decent on a leash! As for the perfect home, she is pretty adaptable and as cheesy as it sounds, is just wanting some love and affection wherever she can find some! Patience and love and you will win this girl over fast! She shows after a few days to be very loyal and happy being a man's best friend. She could benefit from some more socialization as she is hesitant but likely good with other pets/animals/kids with encouragement! Fill out an application so you can meet this lovely girl!