Meet our new Florida rescue KOJAK! This lovely guy is 6 years old, 38lbs and is a Chow Chow/Akita/Border Collie/Wolf/Sasquatch mix. He is settling in but still a little unsure of becoming a full downtown Toronto hipster. There are a few things he isn't so sure about yet (namely doors, dudes and loud noises) but one thing is for sure... He's a big huge nerd. He's definitely a converse and sweater vest kinda guy. While he loves meeting new doggie friends, his people are his favourite. He's the happiest when he is with them- and I mean really, like, on top of them. Other hobbies include chasing and then ignoring tennis balls, rolling and then freakishly sneezing in the grass, and general lounging and watching Netflix. He is so full of love. If this is your kind of man, put in an application