Photo Credit:
Becca Gilgan


M | 8 yrs l ~ 45lbs | mexico | mix l lone wolf l physical/mental scars

Sweet? Cuddly? Quiet? Charming? Affectionate? Loving? Meet all the qualities of our next pooch JAKE. He is a 5-8 (acts more like 8) year old rescue from Mexico. Although his past is unknown, his personality and physical body show signs of abuse. He struggles with separation anxiety and feels the need to be around his human constantly. He wants the love he never had. He wants to trust you and feel protected by you. He has a hard time settling in but once he does he will shower you with love. He has medium-level energy and benefits from one tiring walk a day. He needs help with socialization as he is easily frightened. He is not that interested in building relationships with other dogs at the moment and needs someone to encourage this with proper guidance and reinforcement. He is not comfortable in unpredictable situations just yet and for that reason may not be good with younger children. He knows basic commands and is good on a leash! He is a gentle and very sweet soul. In a way he acts a bit like a retired pup, and wants to be your companion. He seems to have been quite deprived of love/attention and feels as though he may lose yours at any minute. He is being fostered in Toronto. If you can provide the world to this pup, please submit an application

Jake suffers from kidney disease which will progress over time and will unfortunately shorten Jake's life span... by how much we will never know as each animal is so individual