Henry IV

Meet HENRY IV. He is amount 2 years old Border Collie mix and he is ready for life! He is very active and has LOTS of energy. He benefits from lots of exercise, exploring and adventure. His most favourite thing in the world is water and once he finds himself close to it cannot be separated! He loves to run and is currently going on 1+ hours of running per day. He has great recall and also has learned basic commands like sit and paw. After exerting himself, he simply spoils you with love and is a great dog inside, being more relaxed and easy going. He is amazing being left alone and is also crate trained. He has no problems going in the crate and falls asleep very quickly. He would love an active home with room to explore, whether that means being close to a park or having a nice sized backyard. He also has experienced cottage life and couldn't be more of a fan. He is super social, loving humans and animals. He is a huge fan of the dog park but sometimes forgets to come back to you as he is super social and excited. He's happy with life and wants you to be as well. He is very curious and wants to see, hear and smell ALL the things. He just recently had his first run beside his foster who was biking and loved that also. He's pretty much down for anything you'll let him be a part of and will benefit from someone who will make him their sidekick. He's amazing. I'm getting adrenaline just talking about him. If you are interested in adopting this king, fill out an application