2 l F l Approx. 55lbs l Medium Energy l Friendly l Shy l Dog Social l Not Kid/Cat Tested

DO YOU LOVE CATS? Well that sucks cause we only deal with dogs! Meet HANNA! This (almost) two year old just arrived from Mexico! She loves beach parties just like you do but now she's all like 'wtf is this white stuff?' and 'where's duh beach yo'. She's settling into her surrounding and is starting to show her colourful personality! She is generally timid with a medium energy level but is starting to get more comfortable around friendly strangers and is also giving cuddle sessions! She is learning to walk on a leash and is fascinated with the sights and sounds of Toronto. She'd love to explore more of it in her furever home, hopefully getting opportunities to show her speed and learning to be a comfortable Toronto hipster. She is smart and learns quickly with encouragement. She also loves eating your socks so she will need help learning the difference between toys and you know.. her parents treasured items. She is good with other dogs but needs a minute to open up. She has not been cat tested but doesn't seem to have a prey drive. She has yet to be exposed to gremlins (you know.. kids). She has a beautiful coat and so far doesn't shed a lot! A little brushing here and there and she's otherwise maintenance free! ISN'T SHE A STUNNER?! We kind of think she looks like marble #classy#highendpooch Get at her before we put her on Tinder and she becomes too busy for yah.