8 l M l Saint Bernard l Weight: BIG BOY l Low Energy l Chill with everything l Independent l Dog, Cat & Kid Social l Wants to be EVERYONES friend

"Not now RUFFLES. I'm trying to get a good photo so I get adopted" Who doesn't love a friendly giant? Meet GUS! This chihuahua.. K just making sure you're listening.. This Saint Bernard is 8 years old and is supppppppa chill. He has pretty low energy and can be found laying in the kitchen, living room or anywhere his large body can fit. He is very affectionate but all independent. He can be left alone with no problems or beside you looking for love when you're around. He is mature, well socialized and easy going. New house guests, doggy friends on a walk -- you name it and he will be kind to them. He walks very well on a leash, is potty trained and knows basic commands. He is not very playful and is more the quite observer. Blab all your troubles to GUS and he will keep your secrets furever. He is also likely kid and cat social as we have yet to find anything he dislikes. He is currently in Toronto looking for a furever home. If you are interested, please fill out an application.