Photo credit:
Katrina Lee



8 l Husky Mix l 50lbs ish l Moderate Energy l Playful l Happy l Slight Separation Anxiety l Not Kid/Cat Tested l Dog Social 

GIDEON is back up for adoption after learning he has quite the separation anxiety when left alone and will need an owner who is available to help work on that! GIDEON has decided that he LOVES companionship. That being said, he attaches himself to humans and gets anxious when you are away. GIDEON needs support in learning that he can be just as happy to kickback and relax while you are out! He will howl/whine on and off while he is alone. He is currently being barricaded while alone, and is learning to be crate-trained which is overall calming him down for longer periods of time (while still trying to find his wolf friends by letting out howls) He needs someone who will be dedicated to making him a happy, independent dude! He is an 8 year-old Husky that has never been in a stable environment. He is very affectionate and playful and just loves being social! He loves a full house, hosting dinner parties and Super Bowl Sundays with ALL your friends and family. He needs help with the basics but is pretty low-maintenance when you are home! He is SUPER relaxed with a great demeanor when he is around his humans. We see him going to a detached home as there will be a noisy adjustment period as he learns to like being left alone! Being active is also helpful for keeping him more relaxed alone so someone who likes a hike here and there would be awesome! GIDEON is a truly amazing companion who is very laid back most of time time, but needs help with his independence. He is not kid/cat tested but so far is not a shy dude and likes to meet ALL the things. Consider opening your home and fill out an application