Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, fuzzy wuzzy wasn't FREDDY was he? Meet FREDDY BEAR! This guy is keeping it Canadian with his recent arrival from Northern Quebec. He is a chocolate labrador/husky mix making him the most beautiful little gentleman. I mean, who doesn't love a long haired boy, am I right?! He's 2 years old and has about a medium energy level. That does not mean that he does not need walks because this dude is averaging 4-5 a day (which has also helped with his housetraining)! He isn't wanting to run real fast but he benefits from exercise and likes to roam. He really can't decide if he's a bear or a dog. He is also quite satisfied chilin' out at home, especially being close to his human. He has some separation anxiety which has already gone down since his arrival but will need some continued work! He's now quite good being alone but does whine/scratch initially. He has started learning basic commands and shows interest in progressing! FRED is happy sleeping on the floor next to your bed but actually prefers being in a tree or in a comfy/quiet place to hibernate. He loves other dogs and could go to a home as either the only dog or with a furry friend. He has not been cat tested but would likely mix well! He is a little nervous with men upon introduction but quickly comes out of his shell when he feels safe. He is a happy little brown bear, looking for lots of love.