Elizabeth Banks

Meet ELIZABETH BANKS! This blondie is a 5 month old Egyptian Baladi! She recently arrived to Canada and is taking on the movie scene by storm. And when we say movie scene.. we mean she's a huge couch potato who LOVES movie marathons. All she has wanted to do since arriving is snuggle, receive human affection and snuggle some more. She is very low maintenance and would make a great apartment dog! Out in the real world, she is less in her element and is settling into the craziness of Toronto. She is unsure of how to act around others, like when she sees other dogs on the street. She likes her comfort zone (who doesn't) and will need someone to patiently get her excited about the world. She has some separation anxiety and is working on it at her foster home! She will also need basic training. She has not been cat tested and is working on her socialization.