2 l F l Dominican l Chow Chow l Stunted l 25lbs l Bossy with Pets l Loves Affection l Cat Friendly l Likely Kid Friendly l SOOO FLUFFY

While in the Dominican, we found this beauty chained to a tree. With maggots living inside her back and also a severe case of fleas, she graced us with a wagging tail and was very excited for human interaction. Hannah took her in and nursed her back to health! But like, Hannah is amazing. Although this was last May, it was only recently we could find a flight parent to bring her here for her second chance. Funny enough, her foster says she never stops smiling. Do you think she knows? She is a 2 year old Chow Chow mix. She is medium sized and is stunted! She has low energy with spurts of excitement when she meets new people, dogs, etc. She is a perfect apartment dog as she loves to lay around and is happy never leaving. She barks initially when left alone but will happily settle on the couch or floor (not crate trained). She is somewhat bossy with other pets as she likes to have human attention to herself. Although she may very well want to be in a furever home as the only furbaby, we think she is very capable of adjusting to a bigger family. She is excited with cats but is cat friendly! She is likely kid friendly as she is able to be pulled and poked in every direction but again, she is dominant with other animals so this should be watched. She's a great walker and is not phased by dogs, noises, etc and just struts her stuff. She is learning basic commands and doing her best at potty training. She loves attention and wants to be the biggest part of your life. If you're ready for constant love and affection please fill out an application