Everyone meet CHUCK! He came to SOS from Quebec and is a 1 year old boxer/lab mix! He is extremely attentive, energetic and smart. He is house trained and knows basic commands like sit, paw and down -- which he learned in 15 minutes. Umm, yeah. He is very playful and still needs to learn to walk calmly when on a walk. He gets overexcited when seeing people, dogs and other animals. So basically anything. He loves being outdoors and is especially fond of water! He is an active boy and loves any opportunity to play! Chuck can be protective, but is very friendly once he meets you. He is also gentle around kids and toddlers (score) and is very calm/chill in the home. He knows he's not allowed on the couch unless invited, so he rests his head on you and stares with his big brown eyes until you agree to share your space with him. He also loves to window watch and essentially be a part of whatever action he can find. Squirrels, pools.. whatever it is, CHUCK is into it. Get into it with him by putting in an application for adoption.