m | 3 yrs | ~ 44lbs | chow mix | calm | needs slow introductions to dogs | not sure about cats

This 3 year old, medium sized Chow mix graces our presence from Florida and is as excited as a bucking bronco! He is very sociable and loves meeting new people and new pups! He will happily trot over and say hello to anyone. He isn't much for playing but finds more interest stopping and smelling the roses. This curious pup is also very smart, knowing basic commands and also being leash and house trained. He is very calm and quite good natured. You can bring him just about anywhere and he will settle in and find a comfy spot. At home he loves nothing more than hanging out with you on the couch and getting belly rubs all day. He's a real couch potato! His favourite things include long walks on the beach (seriously this pup loves the water!), belly rubs, being chased (or chasing you) and car rides where he can sit on your lap! He needs constant grooming which is definitely not his fav but he needs someone who will keep up with his knots. He sometimes get irritated by his back end and for this reason should be in a home with mature children that can recognize and understand this. Keeping up with his grooming is super important for helping him be the happy cuddle buddy he wants to be! He has prey drive on walks and may be too interested in the house hippo/feline friends to co-habitate. He is being fostered in Toronto and is ready for his furever family! If you think you are a good match, fill out an application for him