Bosley (adoption pending)

5 l Shitzu Mix l approx 18lbs l NYC l Low Energy l Chill l Independent l Loves Cats l Good with small chill dogs & kids

Want to know why the angels never got to meet BOSLEY? He was too busy watching every episode of Friends on Netflix. This chill guy just arrived from NYC and is available for adoption! He is a 5 year old Shih Tzu mix, weighing in at a perfect lap dog size of just under 20lbs. BOSLEY has low energy and is kind of okay with anything you suggest. But just kind of because being excited is too much commitment. Walk? Okay, sure. Sleep time? Yeah I guess thats alright. He has great leash and bathroom manners, so no worries there. He is currently co-mingling with his fosters cat and likes to cuddle up to anything! Cat, leg, fridge.. you name it. He LOVES to sleep! He likes small dogs and any buddy calm enough to cuddle. He has been chill with kids but he isn't really playful if they are looking for a dude to run around with, he's more happy with a gentle pat. He is definitely an independent lap dog who is PERFECT for apartments. He doesn't want to go outside when its cold just as much as you don't. If you'd like to start the adoption process, please fill out an application.