This beauty just arrived from Mexico! She is a potcake (Mexican mix), 3 years old and about 45lbs! She is a lovely dog! She's very well mannered and listens to commands the first time (off, down, etc.) She needs work with the basics but shows she is a good listener. She is dog, human, and kid social. She can jump up when she's excited but is good with older children. Her fosters child is able to walk her. She so far does not show interest in squirrels so will probably be good with cats! She is mindful of other dogs but is okay walking past them without introduction. She's mellow a lot of the time and therefore is good doing her own thing. She is submissive as well and will stay clear of any unwanted attention from another animal. She does bark at times to get attention. She doesn't love to be crated and will whine for a few minutes but it quickly passes and she will relax. She loves being around humans, going for walks and overall seems well trained!