f | 3 yrs | mexico l mexican mutt l lone wolf l netflix buddy l Not kid/cat social

Now that BELLA SWAN is a vampire, she decided to move away from the hot sun in Mexico to find a loving frigid home here in Canada! THE END. Not quite, we still need to find her a home! BELLA SWAN just got here and is settling into Toronto! She is a 3 year old Mexican Malix (mutt), weighing in at about 40lbs! She was spent all 3 of her years on the streets and in rescue and due to this has not had the opportunity to know what trust or a bond with humans is. She is cautious around strangers and does not like to be startled. She is timid upon introduction but is able to let people in if they show gentleness with her. She needs time to adjust, patience and lots of treats! She is also completely satisfied just sharing her space with others and observing. She has medium energy and enjoys long walks/adventures! She also loves to roll in the grass and chase squirrels. She's great on a leash and almost seems to be smiling by how happy she gets when she's on a walk. She's also super affectionate once she has developed trust and loves to cuddle. She is also a great dance partner on rainy days when you're trapped in your apartment. She is great with other animals that pay her no mind and is getting used to the concept of 'play'. She can be at a home with other chill cats/dogs. She has shown signs of being territorial and for this reason we suggest no kids. She will need help learning to be more social and overall feeling happy and safe in new scenarios. If you have a thing for blood sucking, night walkers then fill out an application for BELLA SWAN