Meet ANNIE! She's not just ANOTHER dog from Texas.. She's someone's perfect match! She is a labrador/terrier mix (making her a ball of fun in pint size!), about 30lbs and 2 years old! She is a lover! She needs to hugged at least once a day and even puts her paws on you when you put her harness on. Hugs before drugs is her motto. She has medium energy, affection (other than hugging) and is submissive. She is totally house trained and walking well on a leash. She does have some prey drive and will occasionally dart at a squirrel on the street. She is adjusting to life as 'feline friendly' but would gladly convert back to anyone who asks ;) She loves playing with dogs and is kid friendly. She loves to sleep on a little blanket she claimed in her foster but also enjoys couch time. She is a barker on walks and to get dogs to play but not so much in the home.