1-2 years l M l Egyptian Pharaoh Hound l Med-High Energy Level l Playful l Affectionate l Lover of big/small humans l Needs work with dogs l Not cat tested

I know, we teased you with that Egypt photo and then neglected to follow up with cute pups that made it to Canadian soil. SOO meet FENRIR! He is between 1-2 years old and is an Egyptian Pharaoh Hound. He is settling into the sites and sounds of Toronto with just as much grace as you'd expect from a dog that has had no home for his first year of life. Coming from an area where street dogs are treated poorly -- FEN will need to be shown that he does not have to be fearful of his new atmosphere, other than the random/terrifying Albino squirrel in Trinity Bellwoods. His fear has only led to him startling himself and is otherwise not a huge issue. He is at a point where he walks proudly with his foster and is actually quite good on a leash. He has medium to high energy and absolutely LOVES being outside. Enjoying the outdoors as well or having space for him to play outside would be beneficial for a potential adopter. He doesn't love to be home alone but who really does. He is just about finished with his potty training but may need to adjust to a new schedule in a new home. He is VERY playful and enjoys throwing his own toys and running after them. He has also been phenomenal with kids so far in our care, as he loves to be adored and snuggled. He is very fast and loves to chase squirrels but we are unsure as to how he would react to a cat. He is learning to socialize with dogs but will bark back if someone else provokes an issue. He does although love to meet everyone but does need some practice with others of his breed. In regards to humans all shapes and sizes -- he is a lover of all that we have to offer (including our dinner plates). He is being fostered in Toronto and is ready for ADOPTION!