CHEESE is also available for adoption! She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Basenji mix, weighing 50lbs and is about 1.5 years old! She has medium/high energy but also relaxes after some good exercise! This cuddle bug is a GIANT BABY! All she wants is love, attention and then more attention. She's a goofball. She loves to play with her foster -- she is a little rough/nippy and will need some help with that! She LOVES fetch and will play till your arms fall off. She so far is NOT potty trained and will need some guidance and routine. She is although learning basic commands quickly so it should just be a matter of time! She is learning her manners but will also need guidance and stability. She sleeps great in a crate if needed, and so far has spent both nights in hers soundly. She is prey driven -- setting her eyes on bunnies, squirrels and outdoor cats. She loves chasing her foster cat but would ideally go to a home as the only pet. She is reactive to other animals on a leash and will need proper socialization and training. With that being said, her fosters think she's a peach and can't wait for her to find the loving home she deserves and wants!