Meet JEB! He is a 7 year old Catahoula Leopard dog, weighing in at a solid 71lbs! He is a recent arrival from Texas! He has quickly settled in and is extremely well behaved! He loves being with his humans and is very affectionate. He waits for permission to do most things; to come up on the couch, to eat his food, or to go into a bedroom. He is pretty good around other dogs but asserts himself over other large males. He is possessive over his toys (growls at submissive dogs) but is getting better. Very trainable, smart boy! He is also completely house trained and great on a leash, although strong (will pull sometimes if theres another dog). Random fact: he is the best dog ever in the car. Know that whole "who is that doggy in the window?!" that's legit him in the car. So good travel companion! He has medium energy and benefits from one long walk a day. He is dog social but prey driven so should not be in a house with cats!