Because I'm HAPPY! This guy is 7 months old and is full of ENERGY. "Lets go here, and there and then back over here. Oh, you're going over there, okay same". He has so far had no training and will need a helping hand! He is VERY anxious when left alone, even if just for a second. He wants to be anywhere you are and is not willing to compromise. Cage? Nah. Leave me alone outside for 5 seconds? Nah. He can be left alone and will stop whining but is destructive. He is progressing in foster but will need work! It is also noticed that he does MUCH BETTER with another dog. Having company is super important for him. It's actually quite cute watching him go lay down next to any dog that will let him. That being said, the dog will need to be prepared for puppy time. He has no concept of space and needs to get all his energy out (play, run, jump off walls) before finally relaxing. Did I mention he is high energy?!? During his training he will test you by barking to get his way -- so should probably not be in an apartment (unless your neighbours are the coolest people ever). That being said, he does love some good apartment hallway runs, staying by your side or fetching! He's a Terrior mix but will likely grow from his current 30lbs. He's good with ALL the things, just very curious! He's a lover and just wants to show you and everyone that with the most amount of attention and energy possible.