Meet the next Texan.. SINBAD! He is a Pyrenees mix, about 80lbs and is 11 months old. He is a gentle giant with the sweetest disposition. He's settling in quickly, and is pretty content hanging out in his bed and tossing around toys by himself. He is showing medium energy in foster thus far. With people, he will engage in play when enticed and is super dog friendly -- probably preferring to be in their company. He loves a good head rub and eagerly looks for ways to be close to any human. He also doesn't seem to bark! He needs some leash work as he's a goof and doesn't really get it. He likes to zig zag and will need some help learning to not be a sidewalk hog. He hasn't been around cats yet but is calm energy makes us think he can cohabitate! He doesn't really know his size so he may not be good around very young children.