Who doesn't love German shepherds?! Meet MAX. MAX has already been very lucky and met his first set of saviours - a family who realized he was being neglected and not cared for. Thankfully they had enough of a voice to get him out of the messy situation and into a temporary home where he finally learned what it felt like to be loved and care for. They have been amazing with him so far..bringing him on his THIRD walk ever.. at the age of 11 months. Introducing him to their young children, whom he gets along famously with. (Note: these children are also very dog friendly which is very important in a child/canine relationship). He is almost 70lbs of uncoordinated puppy. Adorable in every way. He is in a very important stage of his life where learning and rules are NECESSARY. This bundle of joy (and energy) is quickly learning how to be part of the pack. We are looking for a new foster home for him because unfortunately to MAX, the family felines look verrrry tasty. For their safety and piece of mind, it is time for him to move on. As of right now, he does suffer from anxiety when left alone and therefore apartment living is NOT ideal. He is still in the early stages of socialization so will need to be properly introduced to dogs. He is also very strong which becomes apparent when he sees squirrels. MAX is looking for someone to TEACH HIM, not the other way around.