Here's a photo of BANDIT the day she is was rescued off the streets. She was found tied to a shack with no food or water in site. She was very trusting of us but having food was a pretty big incentive. She walked home on her first 'leash' ever -- she weaved in and around my legs as we walked through the jungle together. She was frightened but adjusted very quickly. Laura was able to pet her as soon as we brought her to her refuge! Since, she has been progressing beautifully! She is very sweet and very smart. She now knows sit and is working on other commands with her foster. She's already walking much better on a leash with a harness and enjoys exploring outside! She is still nervous especially around loud noises as she adjusts to the downtown Toronto atmosphere. She is nervous when meeting new dogs and people but being around calm energy really helps her get out of her shell. She does not like cats. She is roughly 2 years old and is a Dominican mix. She was also just spayed! She will need to gain some weight and will get to be about 25lbs when healthy!