This guy is completely recovered from his dental surgery (having all his teeth removed) and is ready for the spotlight again! Leo is a rescue from California but is now a proud Canadian! He is a 10 year old chihuahua and weighs in at 10lbs. Don't let his age fool you because he is full of life and always ready to go! We had him out at our Puppy Pride and he was more than just keeping up but was trying to get to the front! He is dog social and friendly. He is nervous but does well in new situations and is very adaptable. He currently is living with 4 other chihuahuas and is enjoying his time being around the others! He loves human attention and affection more than anything. He also is very playful, loves squeaky toys and playing fetch! He is working on his trust in humans but that will also develop when he enters a permanent home. If you'd like to donate to his vetting costs, please make a payment to donate@saveourscruff.org