Bear is a fabulous dog. He is still quite nervous in new situations and is quite timid. If he gets too scared he shuts down. 
He needs a very patient caregiver - he may always need one since he is just a very gentle dog. Any shouting or activity like that frightens him. 
He's great with other dogs - he plays with two male dogs every day at the dog sitters, and yesterday a female dog visited and they got along great as well. He loves attention. If you look at him he will roll over and give you his belly. He loves playing. He even plays fetch at the dog sitters in their yard. 
He's still learning to be respectful of cats. He will focus on them, and then bark and chase them if not re-directed. I haven't had experience with kids with him. With his calm nature, I would advise a very calm household in general. 
He is learning to sit and walk well on a leash. 
He's just a wonderful sweet dog, with the most soulful eyes. He will snuggle in with you let you spoon him. He just wants you - his person. He would also probably love a dog friend in the house. 
He doesn't like to be left alone - BUT I find if I give him a treat that takes a few minutes to work on (dried chicken breast, larger piece of beef lung, etc) he calmly enjoys that and doesn't whine or bark when I leave. I've never had complaints of him barking or come home to him barking. He would be a great dog to go to work with someone in a dog friendly office.