M | 2 yrs | husky, collie, corgi mix | ~ 30lbs (all fluff) | high energy and benefits from a long workout | loves to play but needs help learning to socialize | good once settled | doesn't mind cats

TUNA is a very sweet little fish but she has learned to get what she wants and when she wants it. She does this by growling and/or pretending she's going to bite. So far it has worked with many people and has started to be her go to. Although it is a complete bluff and she has yet to follow through on this behaviour, it allows her to control most people around her. This leads into the most dominant issue: control anxiety which is often mistaken for separation anxiety but VERY different. This anxiety is brought on when she doesn't get her way. She will whine, pace and bark if she sees something she wants but can't get it. Basically.. a temper tantrum. Jess and Brent at Complete K9 Care corrected both of these behaviours so this little fish can have an easier time finding her forever home. 

She will need a home where this will be worked on daily, and not forgotten about. She is young and very impressionable.. and eager to please!