SOKKAR was returned to SOS because his owners worried they could not successfully integrate him into their family which included another dog. We gladly welcome him back to the SOS family and he is back up for ADOPTION! SOKKAR is VERY human oriented and calmly follows his human family everywhere. SOKKAR is a very cool cat, he takes his time going from point A to point B, he certainly isn't in any rush. He lights up when people enter the room and approaches people, calmly and with respect. In Egypt, where SOKKAR came from, he had to fend for himself, the battle for food and a safe place to hide was an every day struggle. For this reason, SOKKAR cannot be expected to tolerate unsocialized dogs and should be supervised with other animals at all times. Although SOKKAR is not aggressive, he does vocalize his territory on walks and will promptly demand submission from overexcited, unsocialized dogs. He is territorial with animals since it was necessary where he grew up but he is so wonderful with people it's hard to believe he came from a place where dogs were treated like garbage. SOKKAR needs a patient, consistent leader who will not rush him through socializing. Someone who doesn't feel sorry for him, but appreciates him and his strengths and is patient enough to take the time to move him through training each day.